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Task 1

Task One – An introduction to coding…


What do you think coding is? What computer programs have you used before? Discuss with your grown up. Computer programmers input instructions into computers to program it what to do. What do we already know about instructions ? Discuss what you remember about the word ‘algorithm’ from previous lessons.


Let’s Play a programming game. With your grown-up, choose one person that will be the ‘robot’ and the other person who will be the ‘programmer’. See if the programmer can give clear instructions to move the robot about the room without crashing into any objects. Swap over and take turns.


Now can the programmer give simple instructions to the robot, on how to draw a picture of a house on a piece of paper?


In real life, programmers use symbols instead of whole sentences to create different codes to program computers.


Can you now make up your own code to draw a house?

Now look at these code block cards

These are examples of code used on a computer. Can you think of ways to combine the cards to make instructions? Can you join two blocks of code to make an instruction? i.e. ‘red bubble up’


Once you’ve done this you’re ready to practise basic coding by clicking on your ‘2Do’ icon in your Purple Mash account. Can you complete the FIRST ACTIVITY called ‘Make the Bubble Move up’ (leave the other activities for tomorrow) ?

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