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Task 1

Task 1: Scavenger Hunt
Get yourself two boxes, in the first box put things which you may need if you were in a hot country (sun glasses, sun cream, a hat etc).  Then have a look around your home for any figures, teddies or toys that look as if they may live in a hot climate (a lion, giraffe, playmobile figures, lego figures) and add these to the box too.  You might like to add any materials which could be found in the hot climate (maybe some sandpaper to represent the sand in a desert or a playmobile palm tree or some yellow paper).
Do the same in your second box for the cold climate. 
Parents, hopefully these boxes will allow the children who struggle to access the written tasks we are suggesting to at least play and engage in conversation and questioning based on the two contrasting environments.  Or they may stimulate extended play for children giving you an extra 10 minutes to yourself, to work with another child or just have a breather.

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