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It's so important to keep up with our science skills, and what better way to do this than a few practical science activities that you can do at home. Remember to ask your parents to send in any photos to our year group email so we can share them in the Children's Corner.

Week Beginning 8th June

Science – Lifecycles including Humans

This term we will be looking at Lifecycles, starting this week with a look at humans and animals. Work your way though the BBC links, and then have a look at the PowerPoint – there is an exciting task at the end of it for you to try at home!

11th May Science and Engineering Challenges

This week's science activity will take you back to our Marble Run and Fixpert days. Use you ingenuity to develop your engineering and science skills. And, have some fun too! Please send in photos of any creations - we'd love to see them!

7th May 2020

Separating Mixtures

30th April 2020
This week we will continue with the unit Properties of Materials, looking at Dissolving with another practical investigation! Enjoy!

Is dissolving a reversible or irreversible change? See if you can work this out, and maybe even try it!

23rd April 2020

This week we will continue with the unit Properties of Materials, looking at Melting - is a reversible or irreversible change? We have set a more practical challenge (which might even involve some chocolate...). We have also posted the answers to the Escape Room Challenge. Well done to all those who attempted the challenge! Enjoy this week's activities.

We'll leave you with a final question: Is melting chocolate a reversible or an irreversible change? The following BBC link might help you decide:


Next week, we will investigate some more reversible and irreversible changes - feel free to do some of your own practical investigations in the meantime!

16th April 2020

This week we have set you an exciting Escape Room Challenge! Can you work out the code using your knowledge of materials? You could use the fact file and the BBC video links to help you, as well as any adult who may be available to help. We will reveal the answers next week (unless you can't wait until then and your parents can email in and ask for the answers!).  Have fun!

Properties of Materials Support

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