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Returning to school


Please ensure your child is wearing clothing that they can get physical and exercise in.  Thank you.


In this lovely hot weather please remember to: 

  • apply sun cream to your child before school 
  • bring in a named sun hat
  • bring in a full water bottle

Thank you

Well done to all those children who returned to Year One today. You were amazing. You all tried hard to follow our bubble promises and we enjoyed seeing you all in school. 

Just a few reminders for families. Please ensure your child’s packed lunch is in a disposable bag and the contents are easy for your child to open independently. 
Children can bring in hand cream that will be left in their tray, we have soap and hand sanitizer that can be used in school. 

Thank you. 


We are working very hard to make our classrooms as safe as possible for both children and teachers return. We will be sharing ideas with you here that you can use to begin to prepare the children for their return.

Stationery - School has requested that you send your child into school with their own stationery set.

Please could this include: 2 pencils, a sharpener, ruler and rubber (if possible a small set of pencil crayons too), in a clear, labelled, pencil case that can be left in school.


If any parents are struggling to get particular items we will provide these for your child to add to their personal stationery set.

Lunches- Those children who are bringing a packed lunch to school will be required to bring this in a disposable bag (labelled with their name).


Please remember we are a 'healthy-eating school' - so no sweets or chocolate etc.


Your child needs to be able to handle their own packed lunch so no one else has to touch it! i.e. easy to open sandwich bags, and other wrappers.


All of these wrappers will then be carefully disposed of (please don't send in plastic containers or lunch boxes).


Water Bottles will remain with your child ALL DAY, only your child will touch these! Please ensure they are washed throughly at home and refilled with fresh drinking water ready for the next day.

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together