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Eid Mubarak!


This weekend Muslims around the world will be celebrating Eid al-Fitr, an important festival marking the end of Ramadan! You can learn more about this celebration by clicking the link below!


If you are celebrating Eid this weekend we would love to hear all about this! Parents and carers, please send any pictures, videos or messages about your Eid celebrations to the Y5 email!


Have a lovely weekend everyone,

The Y5 Team

w/c 18.05.20 - Places of Worship Features and Functions


This week we will combine all our learning on places of worship by considering the important features and functions of these sacred buildings. Why are these spaces hugely important to worshippers? What function do they serve for believers?


Use the powerpoint below to guide your learning and provide some challenges to demonstrate this!


Good luck,

The Y5 Team

w/c 11.5.20 - Christian Churches


Continuing our exploration of places of worship, this week we will be looking at Christianity and the different branches of Christian faith - focusing specifically on Anglican and Baptist churches. 


Use the websites below to discover more about these two branches of the Christian faith and their places of worship. Then compare the two - create a list of their similarities and differences! These can be both comparing their beliefs and the churches themselves.


Afterwards, take a look at Canterbury Cathedral - the UK's oldest Anglican church!

Ramadan Kindness Challenge!


Can you complete all of the activities as part of the Ramadan Kindness Challenge?

Spirited Art and Poetry 2020


Looking to share some of your spiritual beliefs in a more creative way? The document below is an art and poetry competition which allows you to showcase your religious and spiritual beliefs and values through the medium of art or poetry! This can be done as a project at home, which we would love to share on our class pages, or you can also submit your finished piece as part of the competition! 


We are excited to see some of your work and hope this inspires you during this time of reflection at home - and motivates you to keep those creative juices flowing!


Good luck!

The Y5 Team

w/c 4.5.20 - Places of Worship, Hinduism & The Mandir


Use the links below to learn more about the Hindu faith and the importance of their place of worship - the Mandir. Listen to Vraj explain the importance of this sacred place in his own faith, and how this is replicated within his home.


Think! Are there any similarities between the Jewish place of worship, a synagogue? If yes, what are these similarities? Do you notice any differences between a synagogue and a mandir? What are these?


Can you answer the following questions?

1. Why might a Hindu worshipper go to a Mandir to pray when they could pray from their home?


2. What are the similarities and differences between prayer at home and in the Mandir?


3. In the video clip, Vraj explains that the many Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu faith are like a bunch of flowers. Can you come up with your own way of explaining the Hindu faith? e.g. If God were a tree, they would be a forest.


Remember, our unit this term is 'Places of Worship'. We will be comparing and contrasting these sacred spaces throughout the coming weeks.

How many features can you recall? Use this labelling task as a way of testing your knowledge - and also as a useful resource as we work through our unit to aid quick recall on the features of different places of worship!

w/c 27.4.20 - Places of Worship, Synagogue


This week we are beginning our new topic - Places of Worship!


We shall begin with a focus on Judaism and their place of worship, a synagogue. Take a look at the features of a synagogue and the importance, and relevance, of these within the Jewish faith. After that, test yourself! How many of the features can you accurately label using the sheet below? Good luck!

w/c 20.4.20 - Ramadan Mubarak!


This year, Ramadan begins on the 23rd April. Are you celebrating Ramadan at home this year? We would love to see some of your celebrations, parents/carers please send any photos of these to the Y5 email address and we will give you a SHOUT OUT on your class page in the Children's Corner!


You can learn more about this festival by clicking the link below and even have a go at creating your own Ramadan lanterns!


Best wishes and have a lovely week,

The Y5 Team

w/c 14.4.20 - Forgiveness in Christianity


This week in R.E we would have been focusing on the teachings of Jesus in relation to forgiveness.


Use the slides below to read 'The Parable of the Unforgiving Servant' and its importance in Christianity in teaching us to forgive.

Easter Celebrations!


Some of you may be celebrating the Easter holiday with family this weekend - but have you ever wondered why we celebrate Easter? Below is a play script version of the story of Easter, you could use this as a fun way to learn the story with your family - by acting it out! Or read it aloud together. Afterwards, there are a selection of discussion cards to reflect on the story, its importance to Christians and the emotions of some of the characters within it.


Happy Easter Y5! 

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together