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Practical Maths

Ideas for maths games at home

How Tall?

Active Maths

Making Connections game 

Look around you. What can you see that has a mathematical connection? Write or draw any mathematical words or shapes in and around the space you are in. Write your ideas down in words or draw a mathematical calculation. This may help you to start making connections with the work you do and how it connects with the real world.


Spot the shapes

Can you spot any 3D shapes in your garden? Explore their properties and report back to your family. If you have digital cameras or tablets, you could even take photos and present the information back to your families using the Purple Mash programmes.


Ball games

With a member of your family, throw and catch a ball. Each time a successful catch is made, count up in a particular multiple. If you drop the ball you have to go back to the start. You can make this more of a competition by competing with other members of your family, setting a time limit and seeing which pair can get to the highest multiple. 

Angle Hunt
Before you start, let’s set out the 4 types of angles:

Acute angles - angles which measure less than 90 degrees.

Right angles - angles which measure 90 degrees only.

Obtuse angles - angles which measure more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees (180 degrees is a straight line). 

Reflex angles - angles which measure between 180 and 360 degrees (a full circle). 
Now let’s get to work!

Find some objects with different sized angles around your house or garden.

Create your own map with missing angles to challenge your family and send them on their angles hunt, which you can then mark. During your angle hunt you could also discuss the use of horizontal, vertical, perpendicular and parallel lines with others.

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