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Our approach to home learning is continually adapting. The Class Teachers of Year 2-5 have all been adding narration to some of the PowerPoints for our lessons. Unfortunately, due to the size of some of these PowerPoints we have had to split them into smaller parts so we can upload them to the school website. 


On some of the PowerPoints you should be able to hear some narration. Depending on your computer, it may play automatically or you may have to look out for a speaker icon on each page to hear the narration. You may need to press F5 to get it into slideshow mode. Let us know through our year group email if you are having any problems accessing this.

13.07.20 Children's Manchester University - Egyptians


Take a look at the Children's Manchester University link below.


There are a variety of activities for you to have a go at, from Exploring Ancient Egypt to an Egyptian Jigsaw. There is no need to write anything for this topic work. Have fun!





6.07.20 Manchester Airport


Explore the locations of the continents of the world and investigate six major cities you can fly to from Manchester Airport, before writing a travel report about one of them.


1. Have a look at the presentation in the link below: Look at the geographical locations of the six continents and six major cities that Manchester Airport fly to. Identify the continents and then work out where each of the six cities are located.


2. Use the research questions on Worksheet One (pdf file page 3) to investigate and find out more information about your chosen city via online research. This is an opportunity use online atlases and encyclopaedias to aid your research.


3. Travel report activity: Based upon the research and investigative work you have carried out, write a travel report for one of the six cities via Worksheet Two (pdf file page 4+5), the travel report template.

Spain Booklet 29/06/20


This is our last week of your Spanish booklet work. For your final page we would like you to decide the Spanish topic for your page. You can research anything you like. It could be a page of interesting facts or a famous sports team. The choice is up to you!


We can't wait to see your finished booklets!


Remember to use Google Safe search for kids.

Spain booklet 22.07.20


For this week's Spanish page we would like you to research the different types of languages spoken in Spain. Can you give some specific examples and their translations in English? Maybe numbers 1-10 or general greetings or sayings etc.


Remember to research safely, using Google safe search for kids!!

Spain booklet 15.06.20


Hi everyone, it's time for another page of your booklet. We would like you to research a famous person from Spain and Manchester. They can be from the past or present.


Tell us some interesting facts about them. Name, age, what they are famous for etc. Also include an explanation of why you chose that person.


Remember to research safely, using google safe search for kids! We can't wait to see who you choose!

Spain booklet 08.06.20


Hi everyone! We hope you all had a nice half term break albeit a strange one. It's time for another page of your booklet. We would like you to research a famous building in Spain and Manchester.


Have a go at drawing them and add some facts to go with your buildings. When were they built/who designed it/how long it took to build? 


Remember to research safely, using google safe search for kids!

Spain booklet 18.05.20


It's time for the next page of your booklet. We would like you to research about the type of food people enjoy eating in Spain. This time you will compare it to the food people enjoy in Manchester too.


Split your page in half. One side titled Spanish food, the other titled Manchester/English food.


Happy researching! Is it dinner time yet? Yum!

Spain fact file/booklet 11.05.20


Over the coming weeks you will be creating a fact file or booklet about Spain. This is similar to the amazing Manchester booklets you made at the start of Year 3.


You will get a new Spanish topic to cover each week to add to your booklet so keep checking each Monday to find what the next one is.


This week we would like you to create a colourful front cover and an introductory page to give some general information about Spain (capital, currency, location, language, population etc). Make sure you include the Spanish flag somewhere too .


Don't forget to use 'Google safe search for kids' like you have been shown in school. Happy researching and we can't wait to see the finished products in a couple of weeks time!

More VE Day ideas : We can't wait to find out what you've learned about VE Day. Choose from any of the ideas on this page or, you may have an idea of your own. Please share your photos or short videos with us.

VE DAY activities 04.05.20


On Friday 8th May we celebrate VE day which stands for Victory in Europe.


Have a go at some of the activities below to find out more and commemorate this important time in our history.

Lesson 5 - Life Cycle of a flowering plant.  27.04.20

Have fun acting out one part of the plant life cycle for your family to guess which stage you are acting! Will your acting be good enough for them to guess correctly? Good luck!

Lesson 4 Fantastic Flowers 20.04.20


Have a go at these fun activities and learn how fantastic flowers can be! If you can't get hold of a real flower to dissect, use the paper copy below! 

Hope your plant investigations went well and you enjoyed getting out in the sunshine if possible!

Maybe you could make a short video explaining what makes a plant grow well and send it to the new Year 3 group email?

Have a look at the powerpoint and script ideas of what to include in your video!


Take care everyone!


Science Investigation.


Get some seeds and have a go at this Plant Investigation. Or maybe grow your own fruit or vegetables if you have an area to do so?  Mr Hammond has planted some carrot and spring onion seeds alongside some wildflower seeds in his garden.  This can be done anytime during your time at home. I can't wait to see if they grow well!


Good luck!



Science - Plants - Lesson 1 


Look at the Powerpoint lesson slides first and read through them.


Have a go at creating your 'plant folding leaflet' and label it. You can use the template provided (if printer available) or draw your plant on some plain paper. 

The work is differentiated 1* Base, 2** Ascent, 3*** Summit. Please just complete one of them NOT ALL 3.


There is a matching pairs cards game too as an extra task (printer needed).


We understand that not everyone has a printer at home. With some of the activities over the coming weeks you may not be able to complete fully but we will try to provide an alternative when we can. 




At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together