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Friday 25/03/22

This week in Maths, the children have used practical contexts to sort objects according to different criteria. They have been encouraged to notice different attributes in groups of objects – such as colour, size or function – and to describe what they notice.

To extend your child's understanding you could provide a variety of items to sort (e.g. buttons, shape tiles, toys, adults’ and children’s socks or gloves, cutlery etc). Can you sort these items for me? Tell me why you are sorting them like that. What’s the same here? What’s different? Could you sort them in a different way?


The children have also been applying their sorting skills to numbers and have investigated ways to sort the Numberblocks. They have used their previous experience of investigating doubles to begin to practically explore even and odd numbers.


Please see video link to a Numberblocks episode to support odd and even numbers. 


Don't forget to share any photographs or videos of your child's learning at home.


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