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Lesson 1 - continuing from last week, we will be ordering numbers from 1-100. 



Some children prefer to place the numbers in the correct order rather than just writing them. (Make them out of towers of 10 like last week if they need it visually). Look at the tens column first, which number in the tens is the lowest and put them in order. If there are two numbers with the same tens (71 and 73 for example) look at the ones, which is less. Place that one in the number line next.

If you would like to be even more creative, make a caterpillar (or get the children to). 

Lesson 2 - Money - Recognising coins


Practical Ideas - (if you don't have enough coins, use the ones in the worksheet below) look at the different coins you have collected and talk to your child about them. What amount does it say on them? What do they look like? Using the coins you have collected, play match the amount. 

Use this worksheet to cut out the amount cards and match to the coins.

Lesson 3 - recognising notes
Practical Ideas - as with yesterday's lesson, look at the notes. Discuss the colour, the pictures, the size and the amount. Explain that two £5 notes make £10 and two £10 notes make £20. Then play the matching game again or complete one of the worksheets from BBC bitesize or white rose. 
Lesson 4 - Counting in coins
Practical Ideas - make your own shop by collecting toys from around your house and adding price tickets. Show your child how to make different amounts by adding the coins together.  If they find that difficult, use counters to understand that the numbers mean the same even though the coin amount has a p after it.  Then enjoy playing shop - only buy one item at a time unless the amounts are below 10p! Don't worry about finding change, we don't learn that in Year 1. 
If you are loving this week's Maths and want a tricky challenge, try these different problems. Good luck!

The Great Pet Sale by Mick Inkpen

A lovely story to support exploring money. Why don't you set up your own pet sale.

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