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This week, the children will be counting, partitioning and comparing numbers to 100. Use White Rose, BBC bitesize or the practical ideas below. 

If you do use White Rose, it's always useful to have practical apparatus available (lego, pasta, counters, beads etc) as many children understand better this way whilst completing the worksheet. If you only complete the practical ideas and your child finishes, maybe get them to explain how they know or reason why. 


Fun Interactive Games

Practical Ideas

Lesson 1 - Counting to 100

You will need a number square (see below) and up to 100 small items e.g. lego pieces, pasta, beads or counters.

  • Using the number square, roll a dice and either colour in the number or cover with a counter counting as you go. You could make it a game and play with two people. The winner is the person who reaches 100 first or uses the least counters. 
  • Count the dots on dominoes and cross out the number of squares. Again, make it a game.
  • Or simply grab a handful of lego or pasta and count by putting into equal groups of 10 first. 

Lesson 2 - Partitioning to 100

Using lego, multilink or beads, make different numbers. 

Lesson 3 and 4  - Comparing numbers to 100


Make two different numbers out of lego towers, multilink towers or pasta. Which is bigger? Explain why. Try with different numbers. 

Make number cards 0 -9 - ask your child to make a number greater than ........25.......36....45....78..... Or less than .....17....33.....54.......68.........

Use the < and > symbol - the crocodile mouth eats the bigger number.

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