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This week, we are using BBC bitesize and White Rose again. We will also add some practical ideas to help the children understand the concepts but please do whatever works best for your child.


Practical ideas instead or as well as WR or BBC:

Lesson 1 - Adding by making 10. This is a tricky concept for some children and it's one of several ways we teach addition within 20 at school. It's really good to use the two tens frames here with counters (blocks, pasta etc). Start by asking your child to tell, show or write number bonds to 10. 

Then, using different addition calculations, help your child complete the calculation by making 10 first then place the rest of the counters on the next tens frame. 


You don't need to write anything down if it's easier but if your child would like a challenge then that's the next step.

Adding by making 10 first.

Lesson 2 : Subtract within 20.


Again, it's useful to have your tens frame and a number line if possible. 


Start by showing the calculation practically by actually physically taking the objects away. The children can then cross out instead of physically taking away and for a challenge, showing this in different ways (as a real life problem or in a part whole or bar model). 

Lesson 3 : Add and Subtract worded problems

Use White Rose or BBC Bitesize


Create your own word problems if you want using whatever you have available. Make it using your practical resources or draw it. 

For example: 

Mrs Bonser is very hungry. She has already eaten 6 shortbread biscuits but she still wants more. She eats 7 Chocolate Digestives. How many has she eaten altogether?


Try to get your child to show it as a part part whole model or a bar model. 




Mrs Billingham has a bowl of apples and bananas. There are 15 pieces altogether. She counts 6 apples, how many bananas are there?

Lesson 4 - Comparing numbers using greater or less than. 

Again this can be done practically or with a tens frame. Try to use the vocabulary 'greater than, less than and equal to' as much as possible. 


A practical and fun way to practise addition and subtraction

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