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From this week, White Rose and the new daily BBC bitesize lessons will work alongside each other. They will concentrate on preparing children for next year as well as covering any new learning not done in school. 


It is entirely up to you whether your child uses both or just one of these two resources as they both teach the same thing but in different ways. 


The White Rose tutorials are now longer and there are more examples for the children to do. However, the BBC bitesize lessons mix it up a bit with songs and interactive games. 


Again if you prefer to only use practical items like blocks, pasta or counters (you must have run out of the Easter choccies by now!!) that is fine too. 


I have attached a tens frame to help with the activities this week. Children can use counters on the tens frame instead or as well as the worksheets. It is something we use at school regularly.

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together