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We are continuing with White Rose maths and this week we are focusing on halves and quarters. 


Again, use lots of practical resources to find a half or a quarter of a number - counters, coins, blocks, chocolate eggs (unless you've eaten them all!!)  After lesson 1 (maybe as lesson 2) you could play this game to consolidate the children's knowledge of halves and doubles (from last week). 



Halves and Doubles Game

For the quarters lessons, follow the tutorials and worksheets or maybe design and create your own pizza, real or out of paper (see below). Then, add your toppings equally into each quarter. I used card but you could use real pepperoni or counters. Again, whatever is available. The children can then jot down how many are in each quarter e.g. A quarter of 8 is 4.

Pizza quarters (or halves)

If you would like a challenge, try the problem solving activity (lesson 4).


Please remember, we don't expect you to complete every activity, pick and choose or create your own!


Have fun!

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