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If you have an idea you would like to share on this webpage, please email it to our address and you might appear in 'idea of the week'!


Word Car Park!

To make this, you will need the side off an old card board box, a rule and a marker pen.  Jonah's Mummy has drawn out toy car parking spaces and written green words on using set two and three sounds from Read, Write, Inc.  Jonah is then parking the cars on the space and either reading or spelling the words.  This idea is playful as well as good for practising reading and spelling.  It would also work very well for red words!

Thank you Jonah and Mummy for a super idea to share!


Balls and Pots

William and his Daddy invented a game to play in the garden by things they found in the shed.  They used plant pots and buckets to throw balls (or beanbags or rolled up socks) in to.  Each pot was worth a different amount of points.  This activity encourages coordination, gross motor control, turn taking and Maths, by adding up the scores.  William and his family would like to invite you to try this activity at home.


Anish and his brother tried the 'bubble inside a bubble' experiment.  It is a great bit of Science and looks like good fun!  Anish and his family would like to share this link with you:


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