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Look at Emma's AMAZING narrated PowerPoint about the Himalayas!

Bubble B are sending big smiles to everyone else in the class!

Holly created this fabulous Italy project whilst at home and presented it beautifully in class! Take a look to learn all about Italy!

Lots of smiles from Hubble Bubble A! Hello to everyone at home from us all!

Subhi has worked so hard on some incredible artwork and a balanced argument about whether animals should be kept in zoos. Amazing effort Subhi!

Tyler has been keeping busy with more fantastic writing including a debate and a script. He has also been creating some fabulous artwork! Well done Tyler!

Evan's been keeping busy trying out lots of different sports in the garden including badminton, basketball, swingball, karate and of course football! He's also been doing science experiments, Lego challenges with his friends, a book review of Slime by David Walliams, some brilliant Space art work and he's also made a monster! Well done Evan!

Lekhya has been very busy creating some beautiful artwork - I am so impressed! What a lot of effort she has put in!

I am blown away by this beautiful piece of artwork that Lucy has produced, the pointillism technique is so effective!

Tyler has shown great patience and perseverance building a windmill using his knex, it even has a motor that makes it spin! Tyler has also taken lots of time and effort writing his piece called 'Through the Doorway'

Writing by Tyler

Tom and Lucy enjoying more of the outdoors with their sister!

Emma has been very busy creating some fantastic artwork, doing science experiments, baking and writing a fabulous piece about villains! What an amazing effort Emma!

Tom and Lucy's fabulous artwork inspired by Nick Sharratt! And them enjoying some lovely weather!Well done both of you!

A fabulous story with so much imagination - dive into Lily's world beyond her secret doorway!

If you weren't hungry before, you will be after seeing these pictures of Lily's most recent baking with her gran! She has also been sewing some masks for key workers with her mum - amazing!

Tyler has taken his time to write a story with lots of imagination, take a look!

Tyler designed a fabulous medal for the 75th Anniversary of VE Day then made his design using salt dough. I love how meaningful the design is, every part of it has a meaning behind it. Well done!

Charvi has been baking and doing some impressive knitting - what a super star!

Subhi has been incredibly busy creating some artwork using Pointillism! She has also done lots of baking; bread rolls, VE Day cake and her own birthday cake! Happy Birthday Subhi!

Tyler has been working so hard - he has completed an impressive Picasso style picture, done some poetry, enjoyed experimenting with dissolving and creative showed the Easter story using Lego! Well done Tyler!

'A School for Superheroes' by Guy - Another fantastic piece of writing!

Guy has completed a fabulous piece of writing about his dream day - well done Guy! I wonder if anyone else could write about their dream day?

What haven't the Dawson's been up to is the big question! Tom and Lucy have really enjoyed some of the challenges set on the website like the 'nets' maths challenges and the 'cubism' art challenge to name a few. Tom has also been taking part in the 'Lego Fantastic Friday' challenges and Lucy has been taking part in Fantastic Friday challenges with friends too! They have both been learning so much with their dad about construction too, I'm hoping they can teach me some things about it when we are all back together!

The smile on Jamie's face says it all here! He had a fabulous time camping outside in the garden star gazing; he could see the big dipper constellation and Venus which is very bright at the moment! He also woke up very early to watch the sunrise!

Harrison has had more time to focus on a big interest of his - art! He has also been taking part in a 'Lego Fantastic Friday' challenge each week which I know some others are also involved in; he won the first challenge with this sculpture!

Here is Guy's Europe project that was set before the school closures - I think we will all agree that this is a very creative and fun way to display such detailed information - well done Guy!

Tom has been very busy doing some engineering with his dad! Well done Tom, this looks so impressive!

Emma's Book Review:


Emma has so far read: “Dork Diaries - Frenemies Forever” and “Greta Zargo and the death robots from outer space

Here is her review: “The one I liked more is “Greta Zargo and the death robots from outer space” because it’s hilarious and has a good story line. The story tells about a girl who is an investigating reporter and she is after some missing cakes but finds out an evil plan of some robots from outer space and saves the Earth from conquering.’

Maybe this is a book that others in Hubble might like to try!? 

Emma has created a fabulous looking rocket and has been practicing her ukulele with her dad! She has also been doing creative activities with her granny in Bulgaria (via video call), had a picnic and has read two books!

Wow - look at the bag that Subhi has sewn using a sewing machine! I love the materials she has used. A great achievement!

Lily has been very busy baking some delicious looking treats with her gran using the magic of technology! She has also, like myself, been doing some painting and decorating. And I think we can all agree that Lily's dog in a school tie is simply adorable!

Here is a picture of Subhi, who is eating tagliatelle that she made! Yummy!

Tom and Lucy have been busy doing art, making mozzarella cheese, building dens and playing cards. Tom has shared, "We have been reading poetry, making play dough, painting Warhammer figures, cooking, cleaning and sleeping." Lucy has added, "We (Holly, Lily, Lucy and Florrie) have been doing fantastic Friday on Zoom! Last Friday we did self portraits"

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