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Maths - Mr Moth / Mrs Baxter / Mrs Taylor

Talking Homework

Can you explain to someone at home how life changed for Jews in Germany in the 1930s?

English Homework 18.11.19 - 22.11.19

English Homework 18.11.19 - 22.11.19 1
English Homework 18.11.19 - 22.11.19 2

Reading Homework

To demonstrate your understanding and enjoyment of the book you are reading at home, you must create a Reading Journal. This will be made up of a variety of tasks which you will complete as you read the book. We suggest a task at the end of each chapter, with a minimum of eight tasks per book. You can present these tasks creatively, in any way you like, on a double-page in your Reading Journal. Please see the example sheet for inspiration and the activities sheet for those to choose from (you also have copies in your Reading Journal). Over the course of the year, you will build up a bank of double-page-spreads to show your reading journey throughout Year 6! Have fun with it and get creative! The most impressive examples will be displayed in class!

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