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Anglo-Saxon Art and Culture:


Although we looked at the Anglo-Saxons at the beginning of the year, it is good to revisit topics already covered as this helps us to remember and retain our learning. We know that so many of you thoroughly enjoyed the Anglo-Saxons topic and, judging from all of the fabulous pictures of arts and crafts sent to us over the past few weeks, many of you also have a passion for art so here is a lovely BBC lesson you can work your way through.

International Museum Day!


Today marks this year's International Museum Day! The focus this year is on diversity and, whilst museums may be closed to visitors, many museums have opened up their exhibitions virtually! Below you will find links to The Manchester Museum and The Museum of Science and Industry. Why not take a virtual exploration of their wonderful exhibits and galleries from the comfort of your home?

A Timeline of Your Lifetime:

A little activity you could try, that will help you with your chronological skills, is creating a timeline of your life so far. You can include important events that have taken place so far with a date and an illustration. 

Some ideas of events you could record are:
Your birth

Siblings births

Got a new pet

Started school

Learnt how to ride a bike

Got onto the school football team

Started learning how to play an instrument



Celebrating 75th Anniversary of VE Day
Party Planning:
Discussion activity:
Useful Links:

Mini Project:


Have an explore on BBC's brilliant history page. Choose an area of history you are interested in and have an explore. Could you create a booklet/poster/model/PowerPoint displaying some of the information you found out?

Have an explore!

Although we have covered a large chunk of our history learning for Year 5 already, it is still important to keep up some of those skills. History is also super interesting and it can be so exciting exploring different historical time periods, events, people and places from the comfort of our sofas! 


Here are a variety of links for museums and famous historical sites from all around the world that provide so many resources; lots of information, virtual tours, activities, videos, PowerPoints and podcasts which are really exciting to explore! (Lots of these link to art and geography too!)



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