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Welcome back Hawking Group B! You have been missed!

Welcome back to school Hawking Group A!! Lots of smiling faces this week!

Abi's experiments!

More treats made by our very own baker - Samuel!

Samuel's delicious cheesecake and the sunflowers he has planted in the garden!

These are the AMAZING results of Sudhi's Art Challenge. You should be a professional artist Sudhi!

She has also made a cake for her Dad's birthday and helped around the house as part of Mrs Hancock's kindness challenge.

Otis has written this amazing poem about Kindness, which links to our Mental Health Awareness week and highlights the kindness and selflessness of key workers during this pandemic. Thank you Otis for inspiring us. laugh
Nina has been super busy teaching her sisters how to make biscuits, baking cupcakes, sketching some amazing drawings, practising her photography skills, tracking the International Space Station, decorating the front garden with chalk and also completing Mrs Hancock's challenge by tidying and organising her kitchen! Fantastic skills Nina! yes
Wow! Take a look at all Abigail's hard work and determination throughout this time. What fantastic drawings and baking, Abi!
Charlie has written about what life would be like during the war as part of our VE Day celebrations. He has also written 'Through A Mysterious Doorway'. Fantastic work Charlie! yes
Abi has been SUPER busy working on her Art, Geography, Maths and English skills! Amazing effort Abi!
Billy has made a lego bird feeder, has been growing plants and herbs and made an NHS rainbow out of wood!! He has also been practising his piano, baritone and ukelele skills. Super, Billy!

Bridget has been busy baking Fork biscuits and also using Parenthesis! Wow - what an amazing effort Bridget! The biscuits look delicious!

Samuel has been baking and growing rhubarb, strawberries, beetroot and beautiful sunflowers! Amazing!

Charlie's Superhero story!

Here, Abi is showing us, using a Play-Doh Earth, how we have day and night! She has also made a Solar System. Great work Abi!smiley
Rachel has been continuing with her Tenor Horn lessons online! She has also been playing the piano, sketching 'Girl in The Rain' and cooking with her Mum!

Rose and her sister, Leona, making the most of the sunshine!

Rose's Superhero story!

'Last Night, I Saw My Bedroom...' by Bridget Turner

Otis has been busy doing lots of 'Escape the Room' s with his Mum and has also been teaching her how to play Fortnite!!

Katie has been SUPER busy baking (including bread, and - can you believe it?! - a coronavirus cake!!!), walking, going on bike rides and doing PE with Joe every single day. She has also been getting stuck in, keeping that brain active, doing some schoolwork.

It was lovely to hear what you have been doing Katie, I am so proud of your achievements. Thank you for the email!

Danyal has created a rainbow poster to show his appreciation for the NHS! This is in his window.

He has also been painting rocks in the garden - what a great combination of nature and art!

This is very creative Danyal - thank you for sharing it with us.

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together