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Even though we may not be able to travel very far at the moment, it is really important to keep up with geography skills, and continue to explore the world of opportunities out there - and have some fun too!


We recently set up a new geography site called Oddizzi, to which there is a link below. Each week, we will upload an activity which requires access to Oddizzi via a login. To access the login details, please ask you parents to email us on and we will pass this on. Remember to share anything that you do via the same email and we will post in the Children's Corner. Happy exploring!


Week Beginning 8th June

Just before the school closed, we had been working really hard in Geography identifying all the countries in Europe. Why not try these fun activities to see if you can remember where each country is? Top Tip: Zoom in on the map to make it easier to drag and drop. Happy exploring!

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