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Feelings and Emotions

Looking after ourselves also involves caring for our mental health - and those around us. You all have the capacity to be kind, so why not spread that kindness around and start a gratitude journal or jar? It is times like this that help us focus on the most important things in life, and that might be as simple as enjoying a little ray of early spring sunshine. 

Nature Watch

Just 10 minutes observing nature can make us feel better inside and out. Why not take some time to observe your surroundings? You could do safely from your bedroom window, or if you are lucky enough to get to an outdoor space you could step outside. You'll be amazed at quickly our surroundings change over the coming weeks.

Lego Challenges!

If you have lego at home, why not try some of these challenges on your own, with siblings or as a whole family! Great for well-being and really fun and also supporting you with your learning - DT, Engineering, teamwork, motor skills to name a few!

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At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together