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English and Topic

As it is Father's Day on Sunday, please find an activity sheet below for your child to create a picture and sentiment for someone special.  Group B will make theirs at school and photos of them holding it will be posted on the website on Friday. 

Your child can either write their own words and draw a picture or colour the words already on the sheet. Have fun!

RWInc Daily Lessons

Please ensure you are accessing the daily lessons on the RWInc youtube channel:


Children should be watching the Set 2 and/or Set 3 sounds and there are now a large selection of videos available daily:

- Daily Speed sounds

- Spelling with Rosie

- Reading longer words with Rosie

- Reading red words with Rosie

From Monday 15th June, there will be "Hold a sentence" videos available. 
We would usually do hold a sentence on Day 2 (Tuesday) of RWInc. This encourages the children to say and hold a sentence in their head before writing it down. We will be doing this with the children in school.

Our Science Topic this week is Materials


Our new topic is "Materials".

We have linked our English, Science and Art to the materials topic this week. We will be working on this with Group B in school, so we hope that our home-learners and our Group A enjoy this learning from home.

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together