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It is so important to continue the important learning you have done in English so far, so please follow these activities to help support you to keep up your skills. And remember to PACE yourselves - not all of these activities need to be completed immediately. When an adult is available, ask them if they can go over the activities with you (remember you may need to be a little patient as they may have work to do themselves). Good luck! 

Why not make English active in this glorious Spring weather?

Roll and Rhyme

Resources needed: A ball and other people

To play this game, pass a ball by rolling, throwing, kicking or bouncing it to someone. The first person says a word i.e. bat. All other players then have to say a word that rhymes with the first word as the ball reaches them. For example cat, mat, chat etc.


Think of your spellings lists or the imaginative words we have been using in our writing which you could rhyme to make the game more challenging!


Physical Sentences

See if you can act out the different components to a sentence.

For example, jumping for a space, a tall, straight shape for a capital letter, a curled, tucked shape for a full stop.

To recap our Year 5 sentence work:




Speech mark

Exclamation mark

Question mark

Be as imaginative as you can!

Parents - please note that passwords for the Spelling Shed, along with other sites, are stuck into the inside cover of your children's homework diary. If your child was absent from school on the last week, passwords have been are stapled to their target booklets and can be collected from the school entrance.

It is really important that you continue reading all types of fiction and non-fiction text. One of the best ways to relax is to take yourself to another world in a really good book! We will be updating with this page with recommendations in the coming weeks.


In the meantime, have a go at these reading comprehension activities. Finished quickly and hungry for more? Why not make up your own questions about a book you are reading.

Audible Books

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together