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Reading Comprehension

If you have already finished your acrostic poem, have a go at the comprehension below. 

You need to choose one of the comprehension sheets- you do not need to do both. 

One star - *- multiple choice style questions

Two stars -** -more challenging with different style questions.


English Task

Linking to our Science and Geography topics of Seasonal change, we would like you to think about how the seasons have changed since we finished school.

March 21st officially marked the start of Spring.


Think about and discuss these questions with your family.

How has the weather changed?

  • What can you see in your garden/outside your window?
  • What festivals have we celebrated?
  • What are the animals doing now?

We would like you to write an acrostic poem all about Spring.

There are some examples for you to read below (including one by one of your teachers!).

Write the word SPRING downwards on your page, then think of a word starting with each letter to start each line.

Can you:

  • Include adjectives (describing words)- soft, green, fluffy, bright, fresh, sweet
  • Include different punctuation (! ? “” …)
  • Illustrate it thinking about things you see during Spring.
  • Read it aloud to someone in your family- share it with a neighbour, stick it in your window.


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