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Learning at Home...

Another amazing week for our busy Bubble A group.  If you would like to continue the learning at home read a story and complete the 'what is the setting comprehension' in the English Task 4.  The children have loved exploring time this have fun measuring different activities using a stop watch or clock.  For example how long it takes to have a bath or get dressed.  Please continue with the Read Write Inc daily tasks too.  Thank you.

What a busy week...coding, a visit from Barney, exploring time, amazing setting descriptions and exploring suffixes. Welcome to the children returning to school...we have missed you.

At Home...

The children have worked hard this week.  But if you are keen to continue the learning at home this week have a go at the physical challenge. Don't forget to do the daily reading and RWI tasks.   Listen again to the topic stories, particularly those in Task 4 and continue to discuss and value the diversity of our world.  Thank you.

Week 2

What a busy week!  The children have been amazing.  We have been exploring British Values and learning about democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance.

The children have created brilliant 'Wanted' posters for a character of their choice.  They have chosen a character that does not follow 'the rule of law' and used adjectives to describe their character just in case we happen to see them in school!

They talked about their dreams and aspirations and discussed what makes them special and unique.  They have listened and shared their ideas and thoughts eagerly and respectfully.

Well done Bubble A.  What a lovely group.  Thank you.


Week 2... lots of busy children!

Well done to all of Bubble A for their hard work in school this week.  We have enjoyed having you back and you have tried so hard to remember our 'Bubble Promises'.  Take care and stay safe during your week of 'Home Learning'.  We look forward to seeing you on Monday 22nd June.

Bubble A - Week 1

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