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We are going to have a look at Banksy, and find out who he is, what he does and what type of artist he is. Read the information about Banksy and then click on the link to create your own Banksy-style stencilling.


Explore texture, pattern and line by clicking on the following links.



Here are some fun tutorials you could follow to try and draw some landscapes/settings using a one-point perspective. You did some of this in Year 4 so if you want to practice this technique give one (or more!) of the tutorials a go! 



You may have already seen this activity on the 'Just for fun' section of the Year 5 Home Learning Page, but in case you haven't - here it is!

I have also found some YouTube tutorials that you may find interesting - these are to help you draw characters illustrated by Nick Sharratt. You may know Nick Sharratt for illustrating Jacqueline Wilson and Jeremy Strong books among others! 

Maybe as an extra challenge, you could try and draw an illustration for one of the pieces of writing you have created whilst you've been at home.
This week's art challenge is to design a medal to celebrate the anniversary of VE Day! There is also a document with a salt dough recipe in case you would like to make your medal using salt dough (don't worry if you do not have the ingredients though).


European artists - George Seurat and pointillism


European Artists: Picasso and Cubism


Bridget Riley Optical Illusions

Hawking have already started looking at Bridget Riley with Miss Sherlock and have been really enjoying her style of art. Have a look through this PowerPoint to find out more about her style of art and use the links to try and create some of your own. Once you have done a few, maybe you could challenge yourself to create some of your own optical illusions from scratch! Remember to pace yourselves with this, it does not need to be completed in one go!

We would love to see some of your final creations so please ask your parents to send some photos to the Year 5 email address if they can!

At Springfield we care, learn and achieve together