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Y6 Charity Day!

Y6 Charity Day! 1
Y6 Charity Day! 2
Y6 Charity Day! 3
Y6 Charity Day! 4
Y6 Charity Day! 5
Y6 Charity Day! 6
Y6 Charity Day! 7
Y6 Charity Day! 8

Fiesta Española!


As part of our token treat, 3 Seville had a Spanish party! We had great fun learning different playground games to play with our friends, sampled some Spanish delicacies and created our own flags and flamenco fans! It was a brilliant afternoon which the children thoroughly enjoyed. Take a look at some photos, and videos, of our fiesta below!


Still image for this video
We learnt the clapping game 'Chocolate', this can be played with hands or feet!


British Science Week - Meet the Seville Fixpert Team!

Y3 Visit to The Bridgewater Hall to hear the Hallé Orchestra!

Y3 Visit to The Bridgewater Hall to hear the Hallé Orchestra! 1
Y3 Visit to The Bridgewater Hall to hear the Hallé Orchestra! 2
Y3 Visit to The Bridgewater Hall to hear the Hallé Orchestra! 3
Y3 Visit to The Bridgewater Hall to hear the Hallé Orchestra! 4
Y3 Visit to The Bridgewater Hall to hear the Hallé Orchestra! 5
Y3 Visit to The Bridgewater Hall to hear the Hallé Orchestra! 6

3 Seville would like to extend a big thank you to all the PTA helpers who came and supported us during the KS2 Disco. The children had a brilliant time dancing the night away! Take a look at some pictures from our night below!

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Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

CD Hovercrafts!


After our brilliant afternoon at SGS, the staff provided our class with the materials needed to create our own CD hovercrafts. These provided us with a fun and inventive afternoon, looking at the impact of smooth surfaces on friction! Take a look at some photos of our creations below, as well as a video demonstration of the hovercrafts in action!

CD Hovercraft in motion!

Still image for this video
Here we can see friction in action, the smooth surface of the CD with the smooth table top allows friction to be reduced. As the balloon releases air, the CD glides across the table!

Merry Christmas!


Congratulations 3 Seville on completing your first full term in Year 3, you have all worked incredibly hard over this term and deserve this well-earned rest. I would also like to extend a big 'thank you' on behalf of myself and the rest of the Year 3 team to you, the parents/carers of these wonderful children. Thank you for all your support throughout the year so far, and for your generous gifts. We hope you all have a wonderful, restful time together and look forward to welcoming you back in 2019!

Investigating Friction at Sale Grammar School!


This week Seville had the wonderful opportunity to visit SGS for a scientific afternoon! We were expanding on our learning within our own classroom and carrying out further investigations in to friction. We had a brilliant time with Mr Murray, and the sixth form helpers, who introduced us to a variety of scientific apparatus which helped us develop our investigatory skills! We used a variety of surfaces to test friction, and also investigated the impact of friction on speed. We want to extend a huge thank you to SGS for this opportunity!

Christmas Party!


Year 3 had a great time dancing to cheesy Christmas tunes and eating delicious festive gingerbread this week! We had games of pass the parcel, with some very interesting forfeits! It was a brilliantly festive afternoon which we all enjoyed.

Investigating Friction


This week in Year 3 the children have been carrying out their own scientific investigation in to the effects of friction on different surfaces. Using a variety of different materials, each chosen by the children in their groups, Year 3 have considered the ways in which texture can impact on friction. The children had to carefully measure and record their results in a table. Take a look below to see some pictures of these investigations!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
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Picture 5
Picture 6
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Picture 8
Picture 9

Where is Egypt?


Diwali! 1
Diwali! 2
Diwali! 3

3 Seville Visit Bolton Museum!


Year 3 had a fantastic day visiting Bolton museum this week! The children learnt all about the fascinating world of Ancient Egypt - from how a mummy was created, to the artifacts taken in to the afterlife. It was brilliant day - and has helped us to think of questions we'd like to answer throughout our new Ancient Egyptian topic! The children also learnt a great deal about Bolton's role in the Industrial Revolution, information which will prove useful later in the year when we learn more about Manchester's own industrial past. We want to extend a huge 'thank you' not only to the staff of the museum, but our wonderful parent helpers.

Keeping Active - Yoga!

Beaker Pot Making!


To complete our Ancient Britain topic, this week we focused on the 'beaker culture' of Stone Age Britain. These were a group of people who lived in groups, with a powerful chief at the head of the 'clan'. They had special rituals and held religious ceremonies around stone circles, like Stonehenge. The Beaker people also created clay pots, which they used to carry, and, hold food and drink. Year 3 practiced the different crafting methods of two shape method, thumb method and coil method to create their own brilliant beaker pots!

Stone Age Cave Painting


Continuing with our Ancient Britain topic, this week the we have been creating our very own cave paintings! With the research we uncovered during our homework, we have been able to take inspiration from famous cave paintings around the world. Using plenty of earthy colours, and a range of different media, we created our very own cave paintings. To get us in to the Ancient Briton's mindset we even created our own 'cave-like' environment in our classrooms, drawing our pictures underneath our tables. Take a look at our pictures below!

Archaeologists in the Making!


To kick start our Ancient Britain topic, Year 3 have been looking at how we make historical discoveries. The children have been learning all about archaeology. Through careful digging, gentle brushing and delicate handling of ancient artifacts the children created a table of their discoveries and discussed the eras they might have been found in. The children had great fun, take a look at some photos of their finds below! 

We can identify, represent and estimate numbers using different representations!

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