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Who's Who

Headteacher - Mrs Chard

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Garbett


Assistant Headteacher and Y4 Class Teacher - Mrs Saleem

Assistant Headteacher and Y6 Class Teacher - Mr Moth


Upper KS2 Team Leader and Y6 Class Teacher - Mr Stanley

Y5 Class Teacher - Miss Offord

Y5 Class Teacher - Miss Torrance

Y4 Class Teacher - Mrs Baxter

Y4 Class Teacher - Mrs Donaldson

Y4 Class Teacher - Mr Hudson

Y4 Class Teacher - Mr Parums

Lower KS2 Team Leader and Y3 Class Teacher - Miss Brown

Y3 Class Teacher - Miss Beddow

Y3 Class Teacher - Mr Pryle


KS1 Team Leader and Y2 Class Teacher - Miss Gilmore

Y2 Class Teacher - Miss Bolger

Y2 Class Teacher - Mrs Yarwood

Y1 Class Teacher - Mrs Betts

Y1 Class Teacher - Mrs Billingham

Y1 Class Teacher - Mrs Hindley

Y1 Class Teacher - Mrs Newell


EYFS Team Leader and Reception Class Teacher - Mrs Gardner

Reception Class Teacher - Mrs Bagshaw

Reception Class Teacher - Mrs Bevan

Reception Class Teacher - Mrs Slonecki

Nursery Class Teacher - Mrs Hughes


Pupil Premium and 1-1 Teacher - Mrs Ham


Y6 Teaching Assistant - Ms Tomlinson

Y5 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Affleck

Y4 Teaching Assistant - Mrs James

Y3 Teaching Assistant - Miss Sherlock

Y2 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Coop

Y1 Teaching Assistant - Miss Baker

Y1 Teaching Assistant - Mrs Carroll

Y1 Teaching Assistant - Miss Clarke

Reception Teaching Assistant - Mrs Bradley

Reception Teaching Assistant - Mrs Davies

Reception Teaching Assistant - Miss Ryan

Nursery Teaching Assistant - Ms Owen

SEN Teaching Assistant - Mrs Gallagher

SEN Teaching Assistant - Mrs Gresty

SEN Teaching Assistant - Mrs Jackson

SEN Teaching Assistant - Miss McNally

SEN Teaching Assistant - Mrs Stevens

SEN Teaching Assistant - Mrs Walker



Business Manager - Mrs Hall

Senior Administrator - Mrs Rocca

Headteachers Secretary - Mrs Sullivan

School Secretary - Mrs Hamilton

Site Manager - Mr Walker

Star Club Manager - Rob Morrison

Star Club Playworker - Emma Brennan

Star Club Playworker - Danielle Dodd

Star Club Playworker - Sian Garbett

Star Club Playworker - Adele Houghton

Star Club Playworker - Stacey Mumby

Star Club Playworker - Lisa Taafe

Star Club Playworker - Elaine Wilson



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