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Parents Consultation Group (PCG)


At Springfield we recognise the importance of maintaining our strong community values and everyone working in close collaboration to deliver the best outcomes for our children. The PCG represents parents and provides a forum for our school to engage with them, hear their views and consult with them on varying school proposals. It creates an accessible and friendly way for us to involve parents on decisions about the school. The Governing Body remains the decision makers for the school; the PCG has a consultative and advisory role. It is therefore also different to the PTA whose fundamental aim is to raise money to support the school. 


The PCG meet two to three times per year. The members are volunteers who were picked at random across each year group to ensure different age groups were represented. The group is led by Miss Brown who creates an agenda based on what Mrs Chard would like to hear parents' views on. 


2015-16 members:

Viji Velusamy (Srikanth Y5, Shriya Nursery)

Sanjay Tathare (Anjali Y5)

Hannah Goddard (Finlay Y3)

Shubra Bhatnagar (Paarth Y2)

Lul Sanusi (Talal Y1)

Lisa Jones (Florrie Y1)

Janet Lin (Aidan Y4, Kalen Y1)

Rachel Corry (Adam R)

Cesar Marin (Alexandra R) 


More members from our new Reception classes will be recruited in September 2016.



Parents Consultation Group


July 2016 agenda

  • Safe Use of Social Media Policy
  • Mobile Phone and Camera Policy
  • Promoting Acceptable Adult Visitor Behaviour on School Premises Policy
  • Homework – thoughts and ideas
  • Information about school - how to help your child

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