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November 2017


As part of our commitment to Springfield, we all take on an additional role as a Link Governor. Traditionally, we have linked to individual subject areas such as English or Maths or our statutory roles such as Safeguarding.

During the last year, it has become clear that this is not making the best use of our skills and experience. I discussed this with Mrs Chard, who has now presented a revised format, which we agreed at our last Board meeting. We will now work as pairs of Governors across six critical areas: Curriculum; Safeguarding; EYFS; Attainment and Progress Data; Pupil Premium and SEND; and Financial Data. The new structure will also help embed knowledge within the Governing Board of the school and its performance, in line with our strategic oversight role.

Throughout the year, we will report back via the Governor’s Corner.

Dr Kousgaard, Chair of Governors

September 2017


Welcome back to a new year to all children, families and staff. Whether you are returning or new to Springfield, you will now have started on this year’s exciting journey in our fabulous school. At one level, the Governors support Mrs Chard and the school through the formal structure of a Board and 3 Sub-committees. Each of us also develop closer links and a deeper understanding through the Link Governor role.

At the AGM, we discussed and agreed a proposal from Mrs Chard to deepen our role and will now work in pairs on five key topics: Curriculum Development; SEND & Pupil premium; Early Years Foundation Stage; Safeguarding; and Data (progress and attainment). These topics are very closely aligned to the School Development Plan.

We are in school regularly and hope to meet many of you at events or during our visits. And do read our ‘Governors’ Corner’ in the Monthly Mention and also visit the “About us” section on the Governor pages on the school website.

Dr Pernille Kousgaard, Chair of Governors.



July 2017


The end of another school year – and this one included the 110th Birthday of our School, celebrated in style with a massive party, floats and the singing of a specially written Birthday Song by the Juniors. It was an occasion to remember and only possible by the immense efforts of the children, staff, parents and the PTA, all working together to make Springfield so special. This year’s SATs results were outstanding – and again, it shows the hard work put in by the children and all staff, always trying their best. The support from parents and carers are without a doubt a major contributory factor. It is a dedication that pays off, not just in progress and attainment across all year groups. But also in supporting and preparing our Y6 children for the next exciting part of their journey within their chosen secondary school. We would like to extend our very best wishes to our Y6 children. We are delighted with their achievements, both educational and extracurricular, and give them all our very best for the future.

Dr Pernille Kousgaard—Chair of Governors


March 2017


As data liaison governor I went on training to ensure I knew how to read and interpret the data that informs us of the children’s progress. This school’s data shows a very good picture of both progress and achievement. However I find it is hard sometimes to really understand what is happening in a school from raw data alone and so alongside the data I place my experience of the school and I can say that each time I enter the school I am struck afresh by the atmosphere of work and welcome. Together my experience of the school and the data, the numbers, paints a picture of a school where hard work is done by the children and the staff to ensure that children reach their potential. So thank you to those who put in the hard work and make this such a good school. Sadly not all is good news on the education front and I am increasingly concerned about the funding levels, especially when I hear in news reports of schools cutting staff numbers to remain viable. It makes me think that each of us needs to question our potential M.P.s before the general election and see how they respond.

Rev: Barbara Sharp


February 2017


I am proud Mum to two Springfield children and joined the Board of Governors in November 2015. I work in fundraising for the University of Manchester and the University actively encourages it's staff to serve as school governor. Through the University I am able to access additional support and opportunities for Springfield to take part in initiatives like the Great Science Share that took place last year. I am the link governor for EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage) and I have enjoyed visiting Reception and Nursery, meeting both the teaching staff and children to learn more about the children’s' learning and development at this stage. It's been particularly pleasing to see the transformation of playground one and to see the new equipment being fully and enthusiastically used! I'd like to add my thanks to the PTA and all those who support PTA events for making that happen.

Best wishes

Lesley Dowdall


January 2017


Here at Springfield your Governors take the safety and wellbeing of all our pupils seriously. Safeguarding our children is of paramount importance and as your Link Governor for Safeguarding I ensure that policy in this area is reviewed, complied with and agreed by the Governing Body. I hold half termly meetings with the Head Teacher to review Safeguarding issues and I am routinely kept informed of any issues by the Head Teacher so that I am able to support parent/carers and the school in these matters going forward. As a Local Trafford Councillor I have a Borough wide corporate responsibility for Safeguarding Children and as such I have received relevant training from the Council and more specific training available to Governors charged with Safeguarding duties. To that end I ensure all of our Governors are properly trained and aware of their Safeguarding duties and that all of the Governing Body have up to date Disclosure and Barring checks. Your Governors want to ensure that Springfield is and remains a safe learning environment for your children hence the emphasis we put on this very important area of our work. 

Mike Freeman—Link Governor Safeguarding


December 2016


I am delighted to have been appointed Vice Chair of the Board this year and would like to thank Tracey Sutton for all her hard work during her time as Vice Chair.

We are pleased to welcome 2 new governors to the Board; staff governor, Miss Brown and parent governor,

Mr Andrew Rainford.

We are still looking for one further parent and one co-opted governor to join our team. Information about the role is available on the governor pages of the school website.

Susannah J Sutton

Vice Chair


November 2016


The governing body has initiated a new wellbeing link governor which I’m delighted to have and my role this year is to develop what wellbeing means and linking with Miss Gilmore and Mr Stanley who look after equality and staff wellbeing. It’s important as a board of governors to ensure that all members of our Springfield family are happy and thriving.

The definition of wellbeing is; Physical, mental and emotional protection. Safety. Education and recreation. Contribution to society and social and economic.

Springfield already has excellent ways of ensuring that we provide the above to all stakeholders. I’m excited to be linking with staff and children and feedback to governors and parents to share the amazing things we already do and any new additions to further boost the wellbeing of everybody. As a clinical hypnotherapist I work with children and adults, raising their self-confidence and self-esteem and finding their comfortable place in the world which I passionately believe is essential for happiness! I’m excited to be the link and look forward to going into school next term.

Tracey Sutton

Vice Chair of Governors

October 2016


Welcome back to a new year to all children, families and staff. Whether you are returning or new to Springfield, you will now have started on this year’s exciting journey in our fantastic school.

We have held our AGM, where we elected a new Vice Chair, Mrs Susannah Sutton. Mrs Tracey Sutton remains on the Board, taking on a new role as a Health and Wellbeing Governor. We are grateful for all the work that Tracey Sutton has done in her role as Vice Chair over the last many years.

We hope to meet many of you during our visits to school, either as Link Governors or at one of the many events held during the school year. And we will be telling you more about our involvement in school through the Monthly Mention.


Dr Pernille Kousgaard

Chair of Governors


July 2016


This has been an eventful year as ever for the Springfield community. Staff and children rose to the challenge of the new National Curriculum and, as ever, did so with gusto, passion and commitment. We have just seen the results of this commitment in this year’s SATs results where Springfield has achieved outstanding results. The Governors have asked Mrs Chard to thank the teachers and the children for their hard work – and we know that parents also support their children’s learning through homework assignments. So thank you to you also.


We have continued to update you all on our work in School through our Governors’ Corner and we hope that you find this informative. We have reflected on the suggestions put forward in the parents’ questionnaire and some of you may have noticed our pictures in the school entrance. We will add pictures to our monthly piece and have plans for an annual drop in session in the autumn term.


Finally, we would like to extend our very best wishes to our Y6 children, who will be leaving Springfield to go on to their secondary schools in the autumn. We are proud of their achievements, both educational and extracurricular, and wish them all: the very best for the future.


Dr Pernille Kousgaard

Chair of Governors

June 2016


I have been a staff governor at Springfield for four years and have learnt so much along the way. For two years I sat on the Staffing, Teaching and Learning Committee and I am now in my second year of being part of the Finance and Asset Management (FAM) Committee. I am the link governor for English; last year I worked with Mrs Bagshaw finding out about Read Write Inc. (RWI) in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One. This year I have been liaising with the English subject leaders to discuss English across Key Stage One and Key Stage Two, looking at a new spelling scheme which has been introduced  to support the Government’s emphasis on Grammar and Punctuation, Spelling (GAPS) in writing. I am due to have another meeting in July and I am looking forward to hearing about the Year One phonics screening check. I have been a teacher at Springfield for 13 years and have been given so many opportunities, being a governor has shown me what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ and I really appreciate the hard work and dedication of all the governors. At Springfield we are very lucky to have amazing pupils, staff, governors and head teacher!

Mrs Platt Y4

May 2016


I was appointed Governor of Springfield PS almost 4 months ago now and it feels like a lot has happened during that time, which is reflective of the amount of change at both the school and also in education more broadly. I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of discussions and debates on school policies, recruitment and the proposed school structures and look forward to lots more involvement over the coming years. 

For those of you who don’t know me ,this is my first role as Parent Governor and I’m hopeful I can use my Management Consultancy skills to help the school grow and develop in a financially sustainable way. I’m also a link governor for Modern Foreign Languages and looking forward to being taught a thing or two by the pupils and staff given my Spanish has significant room for improvement! Please do come and say hello in the playground if you see me or feel free to contact me if you wish to do so… adios for now!

Lee Egerton

Parent Governor



March 2016


The Staffing, Teaching and Learning Committee meets with Mrs Chard each half term to discuss and analyse reports, policies, new initiatives, staffing matters, teaching standards and any other issues relating to staffing and teaching at Springfield.

A key focus for us this year has been to look at the development of teaching and to ensure that the high standards already established at Springfield are maintained and further improved. Members of the committee have also been involved with the recruitment of new staff as Springfield expands to fill the superb new building.

I am privileged to be a volunteer in school and to be able to see first-hand the fantastic work that goes on.

Susannah J Sutton—Chair of Staffing, Teaching and Learning Committee



March 2016 - Governors Update


We have seen further changes in our Board as  Cllr David Hopps

completed his term of office as a Springfield Governor in March. All Governors would like to extend their best wishes and thank you to David for all his support and hard work during his time with Springfield. We are now in the process of appointing the last 3 co-opted Governors to complete our process of re constitution; if you have any

suggestions, please contact Mrs Chard


Pernille Kousgaard





February 2016


I was very pleased to be invited to be a school governor and see it as way of serving the local community.  I have been a governor previously at Lostock Gralam primary school where I very much enjoyed working with both staff, children and parents.   I am really looking forwards to working with staff and students at Springfield where I will serve on the School effectiveness committee and will be the link governor for School Data. Many of you will know me from my Role as Vicar of St Paul's church which is next door to the school and anyone who would like to meet me can come along to the church on a Saturday morning between 9.30 and 11am, and join me for a coffee.  

The Rev: Barbara Sharp  —School Governor



January 2016 - Link Visit


This year, I have a new role of PE Link Governor which means I visit school 3 times a year, once a term.  First thing I would like to say is a big thank you to Miss Brown who is the PE teacher. She is doing an amazing job; she took me to watch the year 2-4 pupils. The PE teachers taught them excellent skills, using music and movement in their lesson.  I sat with pupils in the library room and really enjoyed it, it was great talking with the pupils. I was amazed by my experience and was welcomed very warmly. Thanks to all the teachers who work hard and keep up the good work. 

Michael Macdonald—School Governor (LEA)


January 2016


The last term has seen a change in our Board as Mrs Lucy Burt and Mrs Suzanne Devenport came to the end of their period as Governors. Both have made a significant impact during their term and we would like to extend our best wishes and thank you to both of them. As a result, we are now welcoming three new Governors: Mrs Lesley Dowdall, the Reverend Barbara Sharp and Mr Lee Egerton. All three have vital skills and experiences to bring to our Board and we look forward to working with them. 

Pernille Kousgaard

Chair of Governors



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